Breaking the monotony of traditional male perfumes, Opium Pour Homme Eau De Toilette looked beyond the orthodox belief that men’s perfume is all about heightening their sensuality and portraying them active. In Opium, creator Jacque Cavallier wanted to go for a much more intense and passionate relationship bonded between men and fragrances as it channeled the sexy exotic side of men and gave birth to a YSL brilliance where sensuality, confidence and bold nuances graced the fragrance in all its manliness. 
Launched in 1995, the top note uses star anise and black currant to create a striking air of refreshing tones whereas the heart layer of the perfume uses spices like galangal and black pepper to add a spicy zest and an exotic attitude to the fragrance. For the base note, tolu balsam, bourbon vanilla and atlas cedar collaborate together to balance out the strong wooden accord with a side of sweet scented vanilla calming the effect down.

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