Accentuate your masculinity through sheer veils of aromatic wooden fragrances as an oriental- minty perfume takes over your ardent manliness and brings to spotlight using nothing but unbelievably attractive fragrance. 
M7 OUD Absolu released in 2011 is yet another iconic YSL designer fragrance mixing precise and compact ingredients to create an everyday perfume that is not only exhilarating but also enigmatic in nature. Oud is a traditional Middle Eastern perfumery agent, infamous for its adorable oriental essence which is in this perfume one of the prime fragrance that makes the perfume so irresistible. However, one can’t sense the oud in the air until you hit the last note of the perfume, the top being simple and concise in mandarin orange extracts. After the top note of refreshing tones, the middle note sets in with patchouli as the mint essence now adds to the refreshing tones. 
For the last note, myrhh and French labdanum compliment the star ingredient- the oud as the ending of the perfume reveals a much more sensual and calming aroma.

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