Branching information from the original L’Homme 2006 version is L’Homme Intense Eau De Parfum released in August 2013 carrying the same hexagonal stopper clad in metal with a cylindrical container housing the perfume.

As a part of YSL’s fall collection, this robust and snug perfume starts with a zesty top note. Bergamot and lemon with a side of black pepper makes the first note exuberant and lively which is then followed by Artemisia on violet leaf causing aromatic nuances to soothe your senses. The presence of orange blossom, also dominant in this layer adds a certain energetic vibe. 
The base is kept strictly masculine in nature using suede and fresh leather on benzoin and ambergris. One would also come across the soft wooden notes in the background, like that of cedar lingering on as an after effect to the concluding scent.

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