White as milk and calming to the bones- YSL Korous for men is a winter night fragrance launched in 1981 by star perfumer Pierre Bourdon. Fougere in nature with unexpected bouts of aromatic nuances- the Korous Men Eau De Toilette oozes natural charisma and rampant charm with some of the best natural ingredients blending in together to form striking accords lashing against each other. 
The top note include aldehydes in coriander and clary sage essence with citrusy fresh bergamot on Artemisia ensuring your top note was noble on your senses yet empowering in its approach. For the middle note- jasmine, geranium and carnation forms the bed of flowers introducing the heart layer with vetiver, cinnamon and orris roots adding complimentary fragrances to the core.

The twist in the ending using mint based patchouli continues to the last note as vanilla and oakmoss dripping in honey creates the base for the last note. Also present in the base note is the tonka bean essence on musk, amber and fresh leather ending the perfume in a superior note. 

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