Robust and lively, Jazz Men Eau De Toilette is extremely outgoing created for a wild range of spices, herbs, aromatic nuances and wooden accords to create one of the most enlivening and invigorating fragrance of all time. Created in 1988, perfumer Jean-Francois Latty wanted to capture the true essence of being chirpy, playful and lively which is why he created an all-season perfume suitable for both the summer and the winters. 
The top note starts with coriander on nutmeg, lavender and anise, Artemisia and basil and much more. Also present in the top note is the citrusy bergamot ruling as the dominant essence with cardamom and cinnamon creating quite an intriguing range of snug scent.
For the note in the middle, carnation and jasmine essence in their full floriental glory mixes with iris and geranium keeping the core layer concise and quirky. The following note, i.e. the base uses a wild collection of down to earth ingredients like cedar notes, musk, sandalwood, oak moss, tonka bean, amber, tobacco and fresh leather- all blending into each other to form robust concluding notes. 

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