Restrained within a clear transparent bottle, The Dreamer EDT by Versace is everything but restrained. Especially a treat for the romantic souls, the dreamer is an all masculine fragrance that keeps a humble yet impactful man in mind. He is driven by the willpower of youth, usually with a picture of his future drawn with clarity in his mind. He is the type of man who would make you fall in love with their dreams, their aspirations and their charm and that is exactly where the romantic playful nuances are born from. 
Suitable both for the day and the night- Versace’s Dreamer starts with lavender on sage and mandarin orange essence immediately introduces a floral yet energetic tone to the mixture. For the middle note, intoxicating rose essence mixes in carnation, tobacco and geranium to create a heavy intense round of fragrance. 
The base note like the usual times is kept subtle and supple using vetiver on tonka bean, fir and cedar accords. 

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