Veiled in charismatic tales of the robust Greek mythology- Versace Eros Eau De Toilette comes in a grandeur flacon painted in blue with a regal blueprint of maze designs engraved in the bottle. The main theme of the perfume focuses on channeling your unquenchable desire and in the quest for so, reveal your true intensely passionate side- only through carefully chosen accords coming together to form a regal and empowering fragrance. 
Being the first men’s fragrance in the past five years, all hopes were fixed on Eros for men as it passed with flying colors- the concept of the perfume re-defining the Versace label for men in a stunning new fashion. 
Oriental, woody and filled in refreshing nuances, this perfume by Aurelien Guichard starts with lemon, mint and green apple essence, immediately introducing a note of summery cheerful vibe to the perfume. The intensity and unstoppable thirst for passion is only expressed through sensual notes clouding the core layer of the perfume as Tonka bean essence collides with ambroxan and flowery geranium to give off a masculine passionate accord. The base is kept woody using Virginia and Atlas cedar combination on oakmoss, Madagascar vanilla and vetiver. 

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