Cocooned through the intricate regal nature of the Valentino fashion line- Valentino Uomo EDT comes in a crystal clear iconic Valentino styled flacon, dazzling with grace and persona as creator Olivier Polge dedicate this fragrance to the young hearts still reminiscing the classic old days of finesse and grace. Confidence has no bars as the man in mind for this fragrance is elegantly clad in regalness- all this while pulling off a casual style with boldness. 
More suitable for a fall evening or a wintry night- the top notes for this classic elixir features the traditional Valentino essence is captured by using citrusy bergamot on myrtle. For the heart of the perfume, hazelnut dips itself into a bed of chocolate with the familiar aroma of roasted coffee beans early in the morning adding a Perky energetic vibe to the middle note. 
The base of the perfume is kept concise, simple and down to earth with tones of fresh leather and aromatic cedar joining hands to end the perfume in a relaxed soothing note. 

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