Tommy Hilfiger started his fragrance line with this very best-seller and then went on to create more sensational ones that to this day rule the fragrance market. Man Cologne Spray Eau De Cologne encased in a light cylindrical flacon takes the path of simplicity to introduce a note of freshness for men that take control of your confidence and boosts your ego to the furthest. 
The top note fuels the chirpy summery fragrance by using a classic collection of fruits like yuzu, grapefruit, cranberries and spearmint. The soft essence of rain note and lavender too acts as a prolific summer tone against this winter apt perfume, keeping you snug and warm from the very beginning.
The heart of the perfume will smother you with affectionate fragrances starting from apple pie essence to pineapple, cranberries, texas yellow rose essence and juniper berry. Also attached to the hip of the heart note is the spicy after note using nutmeg and cinnamon with spruce. 
For the base, cottonwood, Atlantic drift wood and Maplewood drenches in amber and creates one of the best memories of summery meadows in the chilly winter nights. 

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