A blend of both- Tom Ford 2012 Noir Eau De Parfum will have you chasing ends while an intense and passionately sensual fragrance veils you with enigmatic sophistication. Noir is the city urbanite who has a mysterious charm about himself. While smooth talks and bold attitudes is just his thing, the ambiguous and intriguing side of him oozing sensuality and charm is what makes him the apple of the eye. 
Imagine a man bold, playful and confident with an air of invigorating charisma swirling around him- that is exactly what Noir is all about. 
The top notes for this winter night elixir starts on a spicy accord using verbena and caraway on pink pepper and violet extract.

The bergamot at the end of the top note keeps the scent airy light and citrusy fresh. For the core layer which is the heart of the perfume, Bulgarian rose extracts on Tuscan iris and geranium creates an elegant floral nuance and just to keep things masculine- clary sage, black pepper and nutmeg is introduced as spicy accords. 
The base for this fragrance however is intense and heavy using civet essence on opoponax, vanilla, leather and Indonesian patchouli leaf. Also present at the base layer is a mix of benzoin and styrax on vetiver and amber essence. 

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