Tom Ford Black orchid EDP dressed in midnight black pinstripes with lustrous gold detailing is a regal opulent fragrance using the darkest enigma from floriental essences to create a striking sensually active perfume. The elegant fragrance strategically places dramatic dark nuances harnessed from effervescent spicy-floral notes with a depth and intensity that only matches the passion oozing out of this regal elixir. 
With each passing note, one would feel a burst of flavor scattering around with variant ingredients playfully creating an enigmatic head-turning, heart-melting aroma. The top note starts with a blend of citrus amongst other elements where amalfi lemon, bergamot, mandarin orange mixes with antioxidant power house black currant and tuber to create a fresh breath of refreshing notes. The sweetness of jasmine on gardenia and ylang-ylang are also present as complimentary sugary notes aiding the top one. 
For the heart layer a wild variety of fruity and oriental spicy notes collaborate with each other while the top essence from ylang-ylang, jasmine and gardenia continues their dominant presence all the way through the heart layer. It is in this note that the deep setting orchid on lotus essence spreads its wings. 
For the base note, strong Mexican chocolate and noble amber mixes in wooden accords from sandalwood, vetiver and musk with vanilla essence and patchouli finally concluding the fragrance in an aromatic note. 

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