Glazing orange forms the dominant hue of the fragrance as the warm elixir by Terry De Gunzburg- Ombre Mercure Eau De Parfum uses a vibrant floral setting unfolds one of the best feminine fragrances for an everyday classic. 
Ombre Mercure is one of the five collaborations that created quite a buzz using the expertise of former YSL creative director Terry De Gunzburg to create 5 sensational fragrances.
The perfume starts with a violet leaf nuance which is then lathered with a full range of floral actives using rose, violet, jasmine, iris and ylang-ylang with orris roots. The base of the product uses benzoin on patchouli with vanilla and sandalwood that adds a natural ending to this perfume.

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Terry De Gunzburg Ombre Mercure EDP 100ml

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