Masculine in black with a solid Fougere aura about itself- Unforgivable Men EDT by Sean John is strictly aromatic in nature sculpted for the youthful heart that was born a seducer. He is confident, suave and utmost sensual in his way of life, drawing attention and making heads turn wherever he goes. This perfume is dedicated to the same man, to whom irresistibility is just an everyday emotion.

A slight glance of his eye is all it takes for a man like this and in no time he would have you swaying in his arms, breathing in his aroma of bold confidence. 
The perfume uses a wild collection of fruity flavors as a dominating essence using Sicilian lemon, bergamot, green mandarin, tangerine and grapefruit- the blend of which releases a bewitchingly refreshing tone. As an addition to the citrus, one can even feel a mix of basil on juniper and birch lead extract swirling around. 
For the middle note, lavender and iris join together with clary sage to give out a brilliant round of aromatic herbal fragrance soon followed by cashmere wood on amber, tonka bean, rum and Australian sandalwood. 

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