I am King by Sean John is more elaborate a perfume that you can ever imagine of. The notion ‘I am King’ depicts a self-proclaimed man who is nothing but proud of himself but building up on this concept is a word of advice straight from Sean John who believes the man makes his own fate and thereby determines the line of life. Losing at this will only mean that he, as a man is not confident in his own decisions. 
I am King EDT by Sean John works on the notion of being in control of your believes as it introduces clear edgy and concise nuances that would boost your persona, starting with tangerine, cranberry and orange flavors for the top note. This fruity concoction is extremely bubbly allowing burst of cheerful tones to veil you. 
The heart of the perfume, i.e, the middle layer follows the footsteps of the first note with soft cassis and sea water accords keeping the scent fresh and interesting. Moving on the base has a wild mixture of aromatic wooden nuances starting with sandalwood and cedar all the way to coarse Vetiver. Accompanying alongside is amalfi lemon and French labdanum on oakmoss that participates on the aromatic nuance. 

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