While the darkness is till at its purest- a soft tinge of the oncoming morning can be felt within your nerves. That is the essence of 3 A.M when the world is at its quietest with a mysterious aura prevalent in the air. Sean John 3 AM for men wants to capture this essence of almost dawn, taking into account the dangerous ambiguity of the concluding night and channeling it through ferocious yet enigmatic fragrances. 
3 Am is quaint, composed and challenging- almost portraying the actual hour when emotions meet the raw conclusion of the night with a peaceful yet mysterious attitude lurking around in the air. Perfumer llias Ermenidis celebrates this pure time by creating this captivating one-of-a-kind perfume that exposes the true essence of mystery, enigma and sensuality.
The top notes for this perfume are citrusy fresh using bergamot and mandarin orange on cardamom. Following the note of refreshment is an aromatic burst of geranium essence backed by orange blossom and fig leaf which accentuates the softness of herbal notes with a soft sensual feeling trailing behind. For the base layer fresh leather mixes in zesty tonic water as an ending note of refreshing vibe. 
This is a perfect enigmatic essence of the night suitable for a late night date with the beloved. 

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