A flanker of Rihanna’s Rogue perfume- Rogue Love Eau De Parfum by the global superstar hit the market in the beginning of 2013 December, The fragrance takes nuances from the original Rogue perfume blending in feminine notes with courageous tones. The Rogue Love is all about falling in love all over again, the giddiness bubbling in your heart as blushes and giggles bloom in the heart. Remember the feeling of first love – that heightened sense of robust emotions causing euphoric connections to proliferate. 
The top note in red berries and mandarin orange accentuates the peachy feeling as the heart note uses the milky naturalness of coconut with  jasmineSambac, orchid and honeysuckle. For the base, wooden accords on amber and vanilla with sweet taffy caramel concludes the fragrance finally. 

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