If the flacon for Safari Men does not excite you, the uninhibited wild fragrances encased within surely will. Dressed in a faux croc skin decanter flacon, the amber gold perfume is extremely outgoing in nature representing the finer, more refined aspects of life. Launched in 1992, Safari Men by Ralph Lauren would take you on a hike to the wild where natural ingredients collected from nature’s flora and fruits assemble themselves in a setting that is not only aromatic and wooden in texture but also free-spirited and adventurous in composure. 
The top notes blend in a wide variety of natural fruits- the notable ones amongst them being bergamot and lemon. Apart from this neroli and lavender essence too can be prominent on this front. Artemesia on coriander and green notes backed by aldehydes are present in this layer too. 
After you move on from the raging top notes instilling refreshing aromatic tones- the heart of flowers bloom into existence using cyclamen on rose and carnation essence while cinnamon on jasmine and tarragon will keep you feeling light, airy and bold. 
The base is kept strictly wooden with most of the notes giving out a sandalwood cedar essence with minty patchouli, noble amber, fresh leather and soothing musk on oakmoss creating soothing tones of wild dominating fragrance. 

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