Veiling seduction through elegance, this 2005 Ralph Lauren Polo Black men from their Polo fragrance line is everything but mainstream. Ever since 2005, this has been one of the best sellers from the designer house of Ralph Lauren. Black is one of the most regal and empowering colors, based on which this intensely passionate perfume drew its characterization. However, the hue and personality sported by the perfume has nothing to do with its timely usage as one can pair this with a formal attire for a morning meeting followed by a less formal party with the friends for the night. 
The main ingredients making this perfume a big hit are- 
Spiced frozen mango on the top with intoxicating nuances racing through the three layers carrying essences from sage, lemon, tonka bean, sandalwood, tangerine and wormwood. Minty patchouli too makes its way to the perfume giving it a fresh minty outlook. 

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