Calming in cool watery accords- 18 Men from the house of Perry Ellis comes packed within a metal flask flacon with a side panel on the side revealing an intense blue outlook. Capturing the buoyancy of youthfulness and charisma- Perry Ellis 18 Men radiates energy waves masked in intense passion as a Fougere aromatic fragrance rejuvenates and replenishes your senses. 
Launched in the year 2006, this summer night fragrance is all about chirpiness harnessing energy from preppy citurs and fruity essence, water accords being one of the most dominant flavor in the fragrance.  Apart from this one will also experience a wild mix of spice based flavors adding persona and energy to the mixture while bergamot, citrus and geranium squeezed in with lemon dominating the vibes of freshness. One can also experience a birch and sandalwood mix in jasmine essence acting as aromatic wooden accords in the base note. 

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