As sports edition goes, Paul Smith’s Extreme Sport Men EDT is a burst of refreshment burning loud and wild. Encircling around the sports theme- the fresh extreme sport men catches attention with bubbling active fragrances clashing against cheerful spicy accords- thereby instilling a sense of rush and energy within you. However, even though the personality of this perfume is sporty in nature- this fragrance is not a sportsman exclusive and can be used by anyone who wishes to smell airy light, fresh and vigorous all day long.

The onset of this perfume is marked by fruity flavors- mainly citrus in nature with lemon essences dominating the scene whereas the essence of mint acts as an addition to the already existing scents. For the heart note- a wild mixture of invigorating spices will rejuvenate your senses as lavender on pepper and geranium heightens the spiced up essence.

Starting with the base, incense on cedar and tonka beans in fact, creates a whirlwind of soothing yet energetic tone which finally brings the perfume to conclusion. 

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