Invictus is a legendary fragrance line under the brand Paco Rabanne, known for its iconic flacon shape that imitates the features of a silver champion’s trophy. Based on the sporting concept- Invictus EDT and the whole edition sports a very active, upbeat and jolly fragrance effortlessly blending in aromatic spicy accords and tones of refreshment to create a heavy-duty sport edition active perfume. 
Apt for people who are always on the run, from the early dawn to dusk, or simply someone who has to cramp in a lot of outdoor work in one single day- this perfume always sports an air of competitiveness pushing the user to walk that extra mile, get that extra goal and do whatever it takes to taste victory at the end of the day. 
The top note reveals a stimulating and confidence boosting burst of freshness from mandarin orange, grapefruits and sea note while the middle layer uses the sweetness from jasmine and the sharpness from bay leaf to create a striking aroma. For the base note, a mix of guaiac wood, ambergris, oakmoss and patchouli invigorates your senses thus bringing to conclusion this active outburst of freshness. 

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