Dedicated to the thrilling era of wild Rock n’ Roll, Paco Rabbane Black Xs men EDT is a vintage perfume brought out with contemporary personalities mixing together to form a robust and unlikely fragrance. Brought to market in the year 2016, this perfume is dedicated to the American city, LA. The wildest irony trapped in the fragrance of this perfume is such that the wildness of Rock n’ Roll is juxtaposed by softer and sensitive notes making this amalgamation one of the most striking combination. Created by Olivier Cresp, this fragrance inspired by some of the greatest hits carries itself with bounce and joy as an upbeat and cheerful yet sensual scent becomes the persona of the fragrance. 
The top notes reveal clary sage nuances of freshness with the tangy lemon and oranges straight from Florida. The core layer in the middle continues with the cheerful essence, this time mixing green apple and lily-of-the-valley with pineapple and cinnamon flavors. For the base, the essence is kept light and soft using vanilla on wooden accords. On careful observation, you may also come across coumarin and tonka bean essence. 

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