Individuel Men EDT by Mont Blanc for men is a distinct all masculine aromatic fragrance mixing a wide variant of famous perfumery ingredients to reveal an intoxicating outburst of refreshment. Created by Pierre Bourdon, the Individuel Men classic perfume was launched in 2003 as a bestseller incorporating a wild bubble of contemporary fragrances. 
Be it a cool summer night walk or a chilly winter morning breakfast- you can never go wrong with this fragrance that adapts itself to your surrounding and lets you smell irresistible all day long. The top notes use a concoction of cardamom and mint on coriander, cinnamon, bergamot, juniper, lavender and rosemary essence with the most dominating fragrance coming from sweet pineapple spicing up the aromatic experience.
For the heart note- a floriental classic is the way to go where orange blossom and jasmine dip in geranium with violet, the base note once again startles you with an even wider variety of absolute blends- this time the prime personality being aromatic wood. As a dominating dark chocolate essence compliment the vanilla and raspberry flavor, the musk on the outer layer gives way to amber, patchouli, sandalwood, Vetiver and oakmoss. 

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