Be noticeable in Mont Blanc Homme Exceptionnel EDT made for the man who likes to be in the spotlight. He is filled in charisma, glimmering with confidence and carries an aura of the contemporary man who is uber urban and trendsetting. Enriched in enigmatic elegance- The Mont Blanc Homme Exceptionnel is anything but mediocre. Unconventional blends swirling in this perfume reflects the uniqueness of the wearer by making him alluring and daring in the eyes of the other. 
Sophistication oozes through tones of simplicity as the bottle in clear glass contains this captivating elixir. The topmost note reveals a strong refreshing gust of coffee mixed in mandarin orange and lavender which is soon transformed to an aromatic fragrance using sage, ginger and mint extracts that continue the notion of elegant freshness. 
Perfect for both a day and a night wear- the base of this brilliance is all about musk and amber mixed in patchouli essence. 

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