Released in 2014, Michael Kors Men Eau De Toilette once again uses the iconic theme of Micahel Kors to accentuate the upbeat mood of a busy urban man where carefree attitude meets enigma and confidence creating the perfect image of a man caught up in city life.
A city as we all know is filled with diversity and action, going through days of tumultuous hustle-bustle, hasty decisions and elegant sophisticated lifestyle choices- all of which has been incorporated in the Michael Kors Men perfume by creator Harry Fremont. Breathing life to this concoction- the perfumer wanted to highlight the casual lifestyle of disheveled bed-heads, rugged looks and souls searching harmony in chaos which is exactly the inspiration one may draw from the fragrance. 
Instead of going with iconic citrus, wooden and aromatic layers- Kors in this perfume combines ingredients from different layers to create a ‘hybrid’ avant-garde scent. The top layers befuddled with unconventional mixes use elemi, bergamot, thyme, star anise, coriander and black pepper as prime scents while the heart layer, compact and smooth uses simple sage, incense and suede extracts to create a serene fragrance following the uproar before. The base note is strictly sandalwood in patchouli with the essence from musk complimenting the supple wooden notes. 

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