Made for the urban man, Michael Kors Extreme Blue Men EDT is all about easing into the hardcore city life where bustling people everyday are running on their toes, scheduling their lifestyle around haste and hurry. Extreme Blue Men is all about keeping yourself calm and poised in the middle of this hurly-burly as the fragrance for this perfume devotes its core personality to harmony in the city. 
An urban man in the contemporary world is always prepared for the best and the worst and engaging that concept in this perfume- a cool and calming essence is attached to its refreshing bolt of fragrance collection where smelling superior throughout the day is simply within an easy reach. 
Be it a office meeting or a quick brunch with the colleagues, picking up your daughter from school or attending a brief ballet class with her- be prepared with Michael Kors Extreme- an imagery perfume depicting serenity within a tumultuous city life. 
Top notes for this is- angelica, pink pepper, bergamot and cardamom. 
The heart layers in this perfume reveal a juniper, sesame, cypress and sage essence. 
For the ending, cashmere musk mixes in amber and creates a delightful soothing fragrance. 

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