Ylang  In Gold Eau De Parfum forms a part of Micallef’s dazzling Jewel Collection fragrance line using sensual, sparkling amber gold hues to drench the bottle in an opulent personality. The shimmering golden veil accentuating the elegancy of the flacon is the added bonus as the perfume, released in 2012 balances a wide note of diverse and robust ingredients. 
For the top note, the ingredients are- Artemisia, litchi, geranium, sage, peach, bitter orange, rosemary, tangerine and a wide collection of bubbly fruity notes. For the middle, ylang-ylang on rose, magnolia, mint and lily of the valley compliments the enlivening sandalwood extract while the base in oakmoss, coconut, musk and vanilla concludes the fragrance finally. 

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