Bewildering and beguiling, Jewel for Him by Micallef made for men is an EDP encompassing everything dazzling, from the flacon to the very scent of the perfume. Launched in the November of 2011, Jean Claude Astier this time gives an edge to the perfume by interrupting the usual line of strong to light base. Instead, the perfume this time starts off in a lighter note using airy citrusy notes while the base in this fragrance is kept a little heavy and demanding, even though not too headstrong. 
The theme for this fragrance is light, sober and diligent- keeping the essences strictly noble and subtle. Perfect for a winter noon- the topmost note features a blend of intoxicating citrus tones using the symbolic grapefruit on bergamot aroma. The other notes are cardamom on pink and black pepper that heightens the soft feeling of refreshment.
Moving on, the heart layer using Vetiver and Virginia cedar with a hint of patchouli continues the legacy of refreshment, this time hiking the intensity quotient by a pinch. The base in comparison to the top note is made heavy and strong with benzoin and moss mixing in with soothing incense and exhilarating musk to create a robust and delightful ending note. 

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