Micallef Spicy For Him EDP, launched in the year 2009 was a concoction prepared by star perfumer Jean-Claude Astier himself using blends of citrus, spices and natural accords. The unique texture of the fragrance is defined as gradual, with the top notes starting off in a vibrant mood incorporating refreshment veiled in enthusiastic essences. As the perfume gradually passes through the day, the headstrong scent of energy slowly transforms to a quieter more sophisticated and ‘chilled out’ fragrance as the end notes completely comply with nature to finish off in a soft and subtle tone. 
Perfect for both day and night wear- Micallef Spicy For him in fact uses spiced up heart notes to create a sensationally active presence. However, before that the top layer introduces itself filled in vigor as lavender fragrances mix in Artemisia and amalfi lemon. Following this is the heart layer dipped in fir, resin and nutmeg with a side of mint based patchouli essence keeping the freshness of the perfume intact. 
Suit up for the night with Spicy for Him by Micallef by your side and turn heads wherever you go!

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