Micallef Emir EDP is not only famous for its rich intense fragrance but also because this is a part of the exquisite collection that hand decorated these flacons with Swarovski crystals. Drenched in masculinity, this 2010 release by Micallef perfumer Jean-Claude Astier focuses on the richness of the perfume by using unique combinations of citrus fruits, spices, flowers and wooden accords. 
Admirable in black and gold- the top note features a grapefruit and orange fragrance, immediately followed by notes of geranium, white pepper and sage which stimulates your senses and causes an eruption of fresh fragrances intoxicating your senses. 
For the base note, a wooden accord mixing various wood essences stir up a lovely emotional fragrance. Cedar on patchouli and oud with a sprinkle of musk is what concludes this fragrance. 

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