Black signifies mystery and that is exactly what Akowa EDP by Micallef is. Made for men who keeps an air of ambiguity about them- this classic fragrance has an interesting back story that builds the character and personality of the fragrance. 
Bathed in black with subtle detailing on the flacon, the term ‘AKOWA’ goes all the way to the wild west where the name is taken after an African tribe who values secrecy and keeps their traditional secrets hidden only passing them onto the successors of the tribe. Taking the same concept, perfumers jean-Claude Astier and Geoffrey Nejman desired to create a classified fragrance disclosing the core ingredient as a secret elixir fueling the brilliant perfume. 
Harnessing this secret ingredient from mysterious African plan roots- the theme of this perfume is sensual and sophisticated using other known perfumery elements like white musk, amber, Vetiver, cacao, orange blossom and bergamot to create exciting fragrances as a complimentary addition to the original African root essence. 

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