Yet another Pierre Montale and Mancera collaboration, Roses Greedy Eau De Parfum is one of those fragrances that make you go giddy in your heart, blushing bright red as the ardent romantic nuances spread euphoria and aphrodisiac nuances all across your demeanor. The perfume being a 2012 launch is directed towards the promiscuous youthful ladies who shows courage, confidence and boldness simultaneously as this floral gourmand perfume exhilarates your senses. 
The fragrance starts with pink pepper on mandarin orange and peach with extensive coconut and black currant essence keeping the scent down to earth yet vibrant. The heart of this perfume in floral notes keeps the jasmine and red rose as its prime ingredients. The base now sets in as the ending note of the perfume using sugar cubes on musk, benzoin on vanilla and a side of golden amber attached to it.

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Mancera Roses Greedy EDP 120ml

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