The brand new collection by Mancera stars the much awaited 2015 perfume Aoud Notes EDP for men with star perfumer Pierre Montale keeping the theme of this fragrance sensually chic and noticeably refreshing. Using some of the most famous perfumery agents harnessed from nature elements- Mancera’s AOUD Blue Notes EDP is romantic, elegant and absolutely a winner amongst other spring fragrances. 
Keeping the top note interesting and energy stimulating- citrus flavors swirl around preppy fruity notes bonding over to create this ardent energetic flow. Ingredients used in the top notes are- mandarin orange, juicy bergamot and zesty lemon. One may even feel a soft version of green note fleeting across the topmost layer. 
For the middle layer, Ylang-Ylang and Orris roots converge as violet dipped in patchouli and scented red rose produces an air of utmost confidence- the essence from this concoction re-shaping your bold elegant demeanor. For the base note, Guaiac wood and amber in exotic Madagascar vanilla and noble sandalwood complement the strong freshness of leather thereby ending the finishing note with a refreshed yet poised vibe. 

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