Keeps you coming back for more- Oxygen Pour Homme EDT by Lanvin exclusively for men comes in a clear glass bottle imitating the fragrance from Lanvin’s Oxygene- the female version, released just the year before this. 
If you’re looking for a summer perfume that is subtly precise and yet noticeably attractive- this all manly perfume will be just the deal you’re looking for. Not heavy but rather sober and noble on your senses- the Oxygen P/H for men is all about lightness, airy vibes and clean uncomplicated fragrances. 
The topmost layer would reveal a rather exciting combination of aromatic herbs on spices. Soft and supple- the coriander and Artemisia present in the introductory note uses help from fir resin and cypress to feature one of the best soapy-clean yet green summer note.
Following the first layer of chic airiness as the heart layer now sets in using juniper on myrtle. For the base, the fragrance is kept steady and slightly upbeat, ending this subtle Eau De Toilette with cedar and white musk. 

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