Brought to market in 1997, Lanvin L’Homme Eau De Toilette for men is a vintage classic. The basic theme of this beautiful concoction is floriental and wooden in character giving the user a classic olden day charm and an aura of sophistication. The top note is presented with soft caring notes of lavender and neroli, the introductory note sets off an elegant mood.

Immediately counteracting the subtle scent is the presence of zealous bergamot and mandarin orange creating a striking contrast. Perfumer Alberto Morillas wanted to capture the ‘gentlemanly’ side of man who is confident, bold, seductive and at the same time pleasant and polite. The following heart note too continues the legacy of upbeat freshness mixed in elegance as sage and cardamom pair up with mint and pepper for a stimulating bout of fragrance. 
It is thus, that the zesty top note is matched by a base of wooden accords- subtle and sober using vanilla and amber on sandalwood and musk. 

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