Mystical, lush, luxurious and enigmatic- Poeme Ladies Eau De Parfum by Lancome is a 1995 vintage fragrance attaching a wild variety of mind numbing fragrances as it promises to keep you aromatically pleased and mentally warm during the chilly fall nights. Poeme Ladies EDP by perfumer Jacques Cavallier doesn’t follow the usual convention of top, heart and base but rather alternatively presents each layer side by side creating a soft echo of the previous layer as a new batch sets in.
The topmost note layer in green notes use plum, bergamot, peach, Himalayan blue poppy, mandarin orange, narcissus, plum and black currant as the starting notes. The first note soon fades into a bed of floral actives rose, freesia, ylang-ylang and tuberose mix in jasmine, heliotrope, orange blossom, fresh leather and mimosa extract. 
Starting the last note with a punch is the orange blossom once again this time packed in with amber, tonka bean, cedar, vanilla and musk essence creating a soft natural ending to the fragrance. 

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