Lancome Hypnose Homme for men was released in 2007 following the huge success of Lamcome Hypnose Female edition. Mimicking the packaging of the female version, Lancome’s Hypnose for male by Maurice Roucel was an instant hit, not only for the unique twisted flacon in soothing gold and black but also, owing to its contrasting fragrance mixing oriental excellence with nerve-numbing aromatic notes. 
The top most layer of the perfume plays a dominant part in introducing the personality of the perfume which is exactly why the Hypnose for male is defined as a powerhouse of vitality and exuberance. Sporting an extremely outgoing charecterisitic, the fine blend of the top note uses citrusy bergamot and mandarin orange on cardamom and mint extracts. The heart layer however is kept simple, subtle and sober using a compact fragrance of sweet lavender. 
Mint based patchouli forms the dominant fragrance for the base note with evident essences stolen from musk and amber creating an aesthetically pleasing note of conclusion. 
This is definitely a personal favorite of ours- something you can use both as a night and day fragrance- be it office parties or first dates. Get your own today and keep the powerhouse of energy within you recharged! 

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