Wooden, aquatic, captivating and addictive- Encre Noir Sport Pour Homme by Lalique for men is yet another fragrance line accentuating the sporty vibes of an active man where lively ingredients create a breath-taking perfume which lingers around you through thick and thin. Imagine a heated soccer match between friends or just a camping night out with the family- smelling irresistible and sporty need not always require reasoning. The addition of aquatic notes to this sport heightens the edge of the fragrance. 
Top notes for this perfume reveal a combination of grapefruit and bergamot with a pinch of nutmeg accentuating the energetic feel. The middle note is when the watery accords come to life brining in an air of activeness. Cypress and lavender essences are also a part of this process. Bourbon and Haitian veitver forms the dominant flavors of the base note with musk and cashmere wood essence adding a complimentary finishing touch. 

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