Exciting in red, Lacoste brought out yet another edition of the Pour Homme fragrance line, this time drenched in sinful red with a beautifully designed flacon showing off the perfect shade in red.  Launched in 2004 by Annick Menardo, the RED P/H EDT however comes with a twist. 

The shade in red would always have you thinking of empowerment, seductiveness and sensuality masked in ardent fragrances but this perfume breaks all prototypical boundaries to rather create a sinfully pleasing yet harmonious fragrance line using essences harnessed from natural ingredients and giving off a subtle, sober and calming feel to the fragrance. The top note for this fragrance is quick and preppy using the wholesome goodness of green apples to give off a sweet intoxicated scent.

The following layer, i.e, the heart of the fragrance is once again kept simple and compact using the essence from pine trees to smother out the calmness after the intoxicating green apple. 
For the base note, wooden Vetiver meets patchouli extracts- minty and headstrong to conclude the perfume with a bang! 

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