Powerhouse of energy, Lacoste L.12.12 Rouge EDT for men is absolutely the best fragrance line of the L.12.12 edition mixing wild intense character building elements to create a voluptuous energetic fragrance. Get ready to be blown away by its dynamic perseverance that starts from the very beginning notes and continues all the way to the very end. 
The flacon comes in an eye-catching shade of lustful red tone embracing the concept of unrestrained excitement and vigorous energetic appeal from the outlook in itself. Relaxed, poised, structured to perfection and vibrant in nature, Rouge will be the masculine essence of vigor and adventure paired in with unstoppable enthusiasm. 
The very first spray will reveal the top fruity note mango and iced red tea laid on a base of mandarin liquer with an unconventional core revealing unique never before seen ingredients. The distinctness of this heart layer can only be measured by the wildness of the perfume as Guatemalan cardamom essence is blended in Madagascan black pepper and Indian ginger to create a super active and upbeat fragrance. The base of this perfume turns to a dried down sensuality mixed in harmonious amalgamation of wooden notes. Laos benzoin, acacia wood and labdanum brings the conclusion to this whirlwind of energetic affair. 

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