Noir EDT from Lacoste’s L.12.12 edition is filled in passion overflowing as this 2013 fragrances uses natural ingredients on a contemporary setting to intensify and enhance the sensual severity of this perfume. Noir is all about ambiguous mysticism laid on an aromatic wooden bed as this neo sport scent impresses you with notes of vitality crawling through each layer of the concoction. 
The top most layer is precise and compact using essence harnessed from water melon to create a fruity, bubbly scent that cheers up your mood instantly. Around the heart layer the freshness from pure green aromatic elements intoxicate your senses as basil on lavender and verbena adds a nice edgy touch to this sporty perfume. 
The base once again is aromatic in character using mint based patchouli on cashmeran and coumarin. One interesting scent that chocolate lovers will absolutely go gaga over is the presence of raw dark chocolate in the very end, concluding the perfume with a fantastic unconventional essence. 

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