Eau L.12.12 Blue Pour Homme by Lacoste for men is a part of the triad of new fragrance releases, the other two being L.12.12 white and L.12.12 Green. All three range has a distinct olfactory character with a common sporty essence linking the three to each other. Drenched in calming blue, from top to bottom- this all-manly perfume is more than just a refreshing bout of fragrance. Powerfully moving with active aqua ingredients, this fragrance is the elixir of manhood- suave, sophisticated, passionate and bold. 
The L.12.12 Eau Blue Pour Homme personifies intensity as the top notes burst in a bubble of minty extracts harnessed from mint leaves itself. However, A tangy citrus zest from grapefruit essence is dominant in the top layer. After the intense refreshing notes on the beginning, the perfume takes to a noble aromatic essence using African orange flowers and startling sage extracts. For the base note, the same essence of tough mint can be experienced, this time from patchouli as cedar and fern notes act as a complimentary tone of passion in and around the base. 

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