Challenge RE/FRESH Pour Homme from the house of Lacoste is made for men. This fragrance swirls around notes of refreshment, the key theme being dynamic, upbeat and exuberant as RE/FRESH introduces the notion of reinvention, going out of the way to re-establish the sensation of freshness. 
Be it a quick morning before an important office meeting or simply a quick brunch with friends- one can never go wrong with this fragrance. The top layers start off in a spicy note using the preppy essence from cardamom to gel in with birch tree essence as the middle layers- purely spice based opens with a flamboyant and zealous note using rosemary and oregano herb to create a natural yet sharp scent.
Keeping you refreshed, empowering and smooth all day long, the base note for this comes to an end with minty patchouli and tolu balsam.
Heavy on the nose and attractive on the heart, get this summer perfume from our online store today! 

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