Kenzo Homme Sport for men follows the upbeat tradition of every other sport edition but this time using spices as one of the dominant flavors instead of the citrus notes. This is one of the most active and aromatic sport perfume taking in consideration the upbeat and robust nature of sport perfumes and mingling with an air of sophisticated passion. 
Creator Francois Demachy takes this opportunity to create an intense and lively Homme Sport EDT using the top notes as a vibe of refreshment, the middle layer as bubbling energy and the base as an elegant yet calming scent. 
The top layers constitute of grapefruit on mint and lemon using citrus accords and minty feels to stir up refreshing tones. For the heart layer, a concoction of spices makes their way to the nose while intoxicating ginger and soft geranium adds bounce and life to the perfume. For the base note, this 2012 collection uses wooden accords made of cedar and vetiver which forms the concluding note for this fragrance. 
Perfect for a day out, camping or even suitable for an early morning jog. 

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