Signature for men by Kenneth Cole is all about elegance and chivalry encased into an amber gold bottle. Frank Voelkl debuted this fragrance to the market in the year 2005 as a gentleman’s favorite accessory mixing everything regal and sophisticated to create an enigma filled voluminous and strong perfume. Using a variety of green and spicy notes- the perfume recognizes its personality as classic and plush using luxurious and opulent notes to create diversity and attraction. 
The top most layer reveals a variant of bursting energy balls from extracts harnessed with grapefruit, orange and pimento essence. One may even notice the presence of a faint violet on cardamom fragrance. The middle layer, i.e, the heart of the fragrance is all about orris roots and water lily blending in to form one of the greatest natural classics ever. 
For the base note, the main dominating essence is patchouli which veils the ending with a minty refreshing fragrance. The other elements shaping the base note constitute of papyrus, guaiac wood and amber with a slight sprinkle of spicy accords keeping the base layer fresh and interesting.

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