It’s all about simplicity as Kenneth Cole Reaction T-shirt perfume for men was created keeping Kenneth Cole’s Reaction plain white T-shirt in mind. This T-shirt is the symbolic casual wear by Kenneth Cole where without extravagance- this clothing is made to suit comfort and easy-going urban style where the epitome of perfection is achieved through carefree outlook. 
Messy bed hair, Fresh sneakers, a black jacket and Kennth Cole’s white T-shirt- comfortability and modern urban outfit is everything this particular perfume personifies. It is this fragrance that you would want to done on while skipping down the city streets, style and comfort- both intact. 
The top note is fruity, lightweight and bubbly using pear, passion fruit, apple and watermelon. Once you past this cheerful front liner, the middle note sets in with gin and juniper creating a soft intoxicated fragrance which is further drenched in lavender essence. 
The base or the concluding note is kept rather simple yet modern, much like the flacon for this perfume. One can sense a variety of wooden notes using Virginia cedar with cotton flower, musk and sandalwood. 
Smell irresistible, simple and absolutely urban with Cole’s Reaction T-Shirt. 

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