Launched in 2011, Connected Kenneth Cole Reaction is an all manly fragrance for the guy-on-the-go. Messy hair, carefree and urban with an air of goofy jolliness lingering around him- Connected from Reaction by Kenneth Cole is perfect for a modern city man smelling splendid as he breezes through the ever busy day and still makes time for office meetings and late night dates. 
Active, fresh and aromatic in nature- this spice based wooden fragrance is simply an extraordinaire. Perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux wanted to capture the frolic attitude of the youth in a city which is exactly the theme for this perfume. 
The top note fruity and cheerful in nature is mixed in mandarin orange, red apple and persimmon with mangosteen and violet leaf on the side adding bouts of freshness to the mix. The following layer is spicy and intoxicating as cardamom and clary sage plays with amalfi lemon and resin. 
The base note features tobacco and mahogany essence as dominating notes with driftwood and oakmoss attaching itself for a complimentary aromatic fragrance. 

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