Vibrance has a new meaning with Issey Miyake Pour Homme Yuzu EDT for men. Splashed in perfect mint green with a robust energetic appeal, the theme of this classic Eau De Toilette is “Ode to Nature” featuring the twin limited edition. Yuzu P/H by Issey Miyake is one of the twin limited editions focusing on unchained freedom, ardent passion and intense energy as the flavors for these limited editions are acquired all the way from Japan. 
Maintaining the same flacon identity from the 1994 original parent edition L’Eau d’Issey P/H Yuzu, this is a 2014 reincarnation using more fierce and vigorous ingredients to create a zealous fragrance that instantly lights up your mood. 
The top notes are extensively dominated by Yuzu, the star ingredient of the perfume alongside citron and mandarin orange offering complimentary side notes to the introductory layer. Following the top is the core note of this perfume that uses strong vivacious spice flavors like nutmeg and ginger adding on to the energetic effect.
 The base layer is kept subtle, noble yet empowering using nothing but bold wooden accords like cedar and vetiver to create a classic unforgettable ending note. 

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