Launched recently in 2015, Issey Miyake’s Oceanic Expedition P/H especially for men is a refreshing aromatic concoction filled in with startling fragrances that keep you feeling light and citrusy. Keeping summer vibes as one of the leading themes of this perfume, The Oceanic Expedition P/H uses water notes to stimulate the feeling of carefree freedom. 
This is the scent that takes you all the way back to the beach days of vacation, fun and frolic where the waves crash against the sun while the fresh essence of the sea lingers all over your body. This will remind you of basking in the sun during the summer when tangy fresh cocktails with a slice of lemon on the side makes you forget all your worldly worries. Yes! That is exactly what the ingredients in the perfume are comprised of as neroli and petitgrain mixes in citrusy bergamot and plump grapefruit essences with a distinct water accords exhilarating your senses. Throughout the scent, one can also distinctly feel the presence of a subtle spiced up ginger alongside white musk as a complimentary essence for refreshment. 
Go back to the nostalgic days of summer beach vacation with your best mates with the one and only Oceanic Expedition by Issey Miyake. 

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