Following the lead of Nuit D’Issey EDT, Issey Miyake brought out Nuit D’issey EDP concocted of the same characteristics that the EDT version possess. An all-manly essence with a strong nocturnal allure, this empowering Eau De parfum is veiled with magnetic attraction as an aura of mystery hangs around you. This is the perfect aroma of the night where intense and passionate flavors oozing out of the perfume creates a splendid atmosphere in and around you.
Calm, poised and serene with a sensual after- effect, the Nuit D’Issey is all about owning the night, clutching onto the smooth transition from serenity to empowerment as charged up fragrances swirl around you. To portray the strong notion of night, the flacon is drenched in matte black with engravings in white.
For the top note, the essence is strictly citrusy freshness using pink pepper on grapefruit. The core of the perfume is draped in soft and fresh leather as a sugary sweet vanilla scent follows you. For the base the tonka bean is one of the dominating flavors with minty patchouli acting as a concluding note to the fragrance. 

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